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Tattoo Artists

Meet your artists that will make your dream tattoo a reality


Carrie Olson

Tattoo Artist and Owner

Carrie Olson is a tattoo artist, painter, muralist, and community organizer. Lifelong creative, she’s been illustrating since childhood and has never stopped. Originally from Baraboo, WI, Carrie served a tattoo apprenticeship after completing high school. Her training at Point Blank Tattoo, in the Wisconsin Dells, focused on mastering custom tattooing (a style where clients commission original artwork instead of simply picking a design off of the wall of the tattoo studio). Her teacher, a talented painter, encouraged her to approach her commissions as uniquely as possible, expressing her own artistic voice and vision. She later went on to continue her tattoo education at the one and only Steve’s Tattoo, in Madison, WI. There she continued to grow, learning about traditional western and Japanese tattoo styles under Steve Gold. Having moved to the Fox Valley to work at another of Steve’s locations, in 2012 she partnered with her now-husband, Steve Anderson, to open the 920 Tattoo Company, located in downtown Oshkosh, WI.
Since beginning her entrepreneurial journey, she has gotten involved with the downtown Oshkosh business improvement district board. During her time with that group, she has worked to beautify the downtown through the BID beautification committee. This committee has worked to improve the appearance of Downtown Oshkosh in a number of ways; adding artwork to electrical boxes located within the BID, murals, adding lights to the Opera House square, and helping plan the planting of planters and green spaces located downtown. Carrie has also helped to organize various events over the years through her committee work. 

Recently her passion for art and beautifying her community inspired her to not only help organize mural projects but also paint some of her own.  She has completed 2 in 2023, and both murals are located in Downtown Oshkosh. One is located in the Algoma alley on the back side of Satori Imports. The other is located on the side our studio at 576 N. Main St, Oshkosh.  She loved the experience and is looking forward to creating more murals in the future.


Steve Anderson

Tattoo Artist and Owner

Steven Anderson is a tattoo artist and entrepreneur who has lived and worked in the Fox Valley since 2007. After pursuing a bachelor's degree in English literature and Japanese language and culture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Steven completed his tattoo apprenticeship at one of Wisconsin's oldest tattoo institutions, Steve's Tattoo. The opportunity to work at Steve's Tattoo, Oshkosh was what brought him to the valley in the Fall of 2007. There he focused on traditional Western and Japanese tattoo styles, while also focusing on script lettering tattoo design.


With his business partner and wife, Carrie Olson, he opened the 920 Tattoo Company in downtown Oshkosh in 2012. To give back to the community, Steven became a Freemason in the Fall of 2012 and continues to enjoy serving his community with his fraternity. Steven is an avid reader, dog lover, and painter in his free time.

Steve is currently only working with old clients, finishing ongoing tattoo projects. When he opens his schedule for new clients, there will be an announcement on our blog here or on social media for details. 

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