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Carrie's Books are Opening on September 23rd

In the future, the process described below will be how we will be taking all new tattoo appointments. We do not allow clients to schedule their own tattoo appointments via our online booking portal due to the variety of tattoo requests we receive and the time involved with preparing the tattoo designs themselves. Each request takes what time it takes to complete, and we will have a much better idea of how long a piece will take to complete after doing a consultation. This is why you will never see an available time slot on our online booking portal for tattoos; each artist accepts and approves all appointment dates and times at the time of the tattoo consultation.

We are pleased to announce Carrie’s books will open on September 23rd for tattoo consultations. Keep reading to find out how to request an appointment with her.

To request a consultation with Carrie, email the shop at with "Consult request Carrie" for subject

Emails only, please, no phone calls.

She will be accepting requests on September 23rd, 9 am through 25th at 9 pm. Any emails received outside this window will not be considered.

In your request please include subject matter; a brief description of your tattoo concept, your desired placement on the body, size, color vs. black and grey, a couple of reference photos of the style of tattoo you are looking for, and your phone number.

Which requests will be prioritized/ Subjects she's looking to do this tattoo booking period:


-Witchy-esque things like potion bottles, etc

-Foliage (plants of any kind)

-Lady's heads

-Magical things (mushrooms, crystals, etc)




These will be prioritized but it does not mean that they are the only subjects she is willing to take during this booking period either.

When to expect a response:

-by October 1st.

If you already sent a request, please try to resubmit it on September 23rd, 24th, or 25th.

If your request for a consultation appointment is accepted, you will be required to deposit $50. At the time of your consultation, your $50 deposit will be transferred toward the total tattoo deposit we require. You will receive further information in your appointment acceptance email.

Please do not be offended if your request is declined. Carrie often receives more requests than she has time to take on. Some will get an appointment, and some will not. This is not first come, first served. It is the best fit, first served. Thank you for your understanding.

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